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PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:22 pm 

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I'm helping to organise a tour for CHOOSE YOUR POISON and we urgently need sorting out a gig in Netherlands on 15th & 16th August. Can anybody help please?

More info about the band

CHOOSE YOUR POISON are hailing from the wilds of Wisconsin. These Thrash Metal Punx are coming for their first Euro tour. Their music is a combination of old school hardcore meeting some bastardized version of thrash, while adding into the heavy concoction elements of the crossover scene of the mid-80's. CHOOSE YOUR POISON rip it up loud and fast.
Their releases are on Give Praise / Active Rebellion / Bacon Towne Records.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Choose-Y" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; ... 2405167945
http://chooseyourpoison.bandcamp.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


Out Now! Split 7" w Los Angeles' SMD

Midwest Thrash E.P. Double 7" w/Stand off/In Defence/Damage Deposit
Crawl to Nothing LP 2010
Laid to Waste CD-EP 2008
Part Zone 7" 2007
Thrashed to Ribbons 7" 2006

Some reviews:

Review from No Te Calles Fanzine for Crawl To Nothing LP
From Wisconsin,USA this thrashers called Choose Your Poison presents his new LP called Crawl to Nothing. Are 10 tracks from powerful hc thrash punk with notable influences from D.R.I., Hirax, Municipal Waste. Thrasher vokills,maniac riffs, intense bass and assassin drums. This edition is under the hands of Active Rebellion Records,Give Praise Records,Bacon Towne
Take your skate and destroy!

Profane Existence Review of our 2010 LP Crawl To Nothing
CYP Have released a stormer of an LP here! the departure from their previous releases is the fact that they've gone in a decidedly more metal direction. In addition to the somewhat straight forward thrash/skate punk they've always blasted out, they've thrown in a lot more heavy galloping, almost death metal feel, and it really works for them. All three members sing, sometimes alone, sometimes all together so there is a really full and layered feeling to the vocals. A lot of the songs have a very anthemic chorus that makes you want to sing along while you pound your fist in the air and bang your head, which all make this a very enjoyable record. Most of the songs are irreverent, pissed off anthems, with titles like 'Race To Blackout' 'Smoke Weed and Worship Nothing', 'Severed Cock of Christ', or 'Thrash N Burn', but occasionally they tackle more serious subjects like religion or the death of the American automotive industry. There is a strong sense of nihilistic hopelessness throughout. All in all this is a great record, and mine came on splattered puke-green vinyl that looks like someone threw up all over it after getting way too fucked up while listening to this record! The cover art is pretty sweet too; it's a beautifully painted, depressingly hopeless looking picture of a creepy frozen woman reaching up toward nothing, with an apocalyptic cityscape in the background, painted by Detroit's own Tim Shagrat. (righteous)
split Release between Give Praise Records/Active Rebellion/Bacon Towne

Review for Laid To Waste EP from Metalbite.com by JD
Choose Your Poison hailing from the wilds of Wisconsin have a extreme amount of anger, aggression and sheer balls.... and are seemingly channelling every last ounce of it on to their EP called "Laid To Waste". Choose Your Poison is a combination of old school Hardcore meeting some bastardized version of Thrash and while adding into the heavy concoction with some of the crossover scene of the mid-80's.
The album they have came out with is a very short one, clocking in at roughly seven and a half minutes of music. Each of the songs are really damned short as well (all but one song clocking in at under two minutes)... yet Choose Your Poison are brutally heavy and completely uncompromising in the way they have written and delivered them all. Production muddies them a little, but it actually helps a little as well.
Taking the time to really listen to the album more than six times, I heard some very interesting things happening throughout the playing of the EP. It all ended up reminding me of such acts asStormtroopers Of Death, very early C.O.C (‘Eye For An Eye’ days) and even some classic explosiveness ala the kings of true furious hardcore, Black Flag... yet they have some early Thrash inspired tendencies as well. Makes for a really interesting hodgepodge of heavy goodness.
While Choose Your Poison is an unabashed pure punk band at the very core, they are also dedicated students of the very early forms of Speed/Thrash as well... this is exactly what makes this band so damned dangerous. Punk attitudes meeting up with that added bonus of burgeoning metallic talent... Scary, huh?? They are on the road to be more than just pretty good, but they are in the building phase at the moment.

Thanks in advance, any help / suggestion is appreciated!


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