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PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:44 pm 

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Still Fucking Hot!!

Split CD F.U.B.A.R. / Sylvester Staline

Split EP Unholy Grave / Total Fucking Destruction

GrindShop Update:

The following list are the last records we received for the distro, most of them are available on our grind-shop: www.bonesbrigaderecords.com
You can contact us to: bonesbrign@hotmail.fr for any questions, reservations, post cost…

Paypal accepted.


AGATHOCLES / UNHOLY GRAVE a real great versus!!! (bel/Jap) 10 euros

A PRODUCT OF SIX CENTS II Compilation with Powerviolence, Fastcore and Grindcore bands 10 euros

ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN “Scumdogs of the Forest” Second album, pure grind fury! (Ger) 10euros

BIRDFLESH “The Farmers ‘s Wrath” New Album, Grind and Crazy!! (Swe) 10 euros

BLOOD DUSTER “s/t” Grindcore without compromises + Limited mcd tracks as bonus! (Aussie) 10 euros

BLOOD DUSTER “Lyden Na” Double CD, One Extreme Grind, the other Grind’n’roll!! (Aussie) 13 euros

BLOOD I BLEED “Gods out of Monsters” New Album! Screamo ultra fast Grindcore! A Must! (Nl) 10 euros

DEAD INFECTION “Human Slaughter…Till Remains” 2 pro demos repress on one cd. (Pol) 10 euros

DYSTOPIA “Final” The perfect Mixture between Sludge and Grind! (US) 10 euros

DYSTOPIA “The Aftermath” Sludge Metal Grind! (US) 10 euros

ETERNAL “The berserks legions defiance” Ultra Fast Evil Death Metal (Fra) 10 euros

FLESHLESS “Free off Pain” First Album repress with new cover etc…(Cz) 10 euros

IMPLY IN ALL “The Flesh Clockwork” Grindcore with huge sound and mid parts! Great! (Fra) 10 euros

JARBOE “Mahakali” album Featuring Sunn O))) and Down Members! (US) 10 euros

KREON “Impact Winter” Technical Brutal Death in the vein of Morbid Angel! (Ger) 10 euros

LENG TCH’E / FUCK THE FACTS Split CD, 100% new tracks! (Bel/Can) 7 euros

MASS GRAVE / STORMCROW Split CD grindcrust/crustcore (Can/USA)

MINION “Exile of Fear” Thrash Death in the vein of first At The Gates! (Ger) 10 euros

MISERY INDEX “Traitors” New Album, fast and Massive blast beats! (US) 10 euros

MONARCH “666” Double CD Ultra Sludge! 4 tracks! (Fra) 13 euros

NASUM “Grind Final” 2 cd’s, 152 songs, 32 pages booklet, Grind!!! (Swe) 13 euros

P.L.F. “Crushing Fury of Bastardization” Pissed off Grindcore! Energy and Anger! (US) 10 euros

REVEREND BIZARRE “Crush the Insets” Ultra Doom Old School! A Must! (fin) 10 euros

SANITYS DAWN / MINDFLAIR Split CD FastCore / Groovy Grindcore, (100% Ger) 7 euros

THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING “Slow Death by…” MCD Groovy Gore (Aussie) 10 euros

THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING “Invention : Destruction” Groovy Grind! (aussie) 10euros

UNHOLY GRAVE / S.C.U.M. Split CD Japcore / Grindcore fury (Jap/Nl) 10 euros

VISCERAL DAMAGE “Icon of Massive Murder” Brutal Death right in your face! (Spa) 10 euros

WORMROT “Abuse” Fast screaming grindcore. A Must! (Sing) 10euros


CORRUPTED “Nadie” New Album, Mega Sludge! (Jap) 12 euros

DISRUPT “s/t” 7 unreleased tracks, recoding sessions from 1993! (US) 12 euros

TOXIC HOLOCAUST “Evil Never Dies” First album repress on colored Vinyl! (US) 12 eurs

WOLFBRIGADE “Prey to the World” Crust core, (come with an European bonus track) (Swe) 10 euros


BRUTAL TRUTH “For the Ugly and Unwanted…This is Grindcore!” video from Obscene Extreme Fest and much more…! (US) 13 euros


Split EP Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Total Fucking Destruction

Red Wheels Final version

MCD Joe Pesci "At our expense!" (uk)

17 Tracks for 15mn of Ultra Fast GrindNoise


Bones Brigade Records
BP 31
62140 Hesdin

00 333 21 86 72 91www.myspace.com/bonesrecords
Tons of cult and rare videos: http://www.youtube.com/Grindtube666
Grindshop: www.bonesbrigaderecords.com


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