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PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:33 pm 

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Got a pretty serious update for ya this week, with new Robotic Empire label releases and a pretty hefty update to our Online Store as well. Here we go...

First and foremost, nearly a year in the making is the YOUNG WIDOWS Live Radio Performance April 6, 2009 12". Having known these (solid) dudes since the chaotic heyday of their formerer outfit BREATHER RESIST, up through jumping in the van with them last year...witnessing live and then sneaking off with the sole copy of this radio performance, having it professionally mastered and approaching the band about a release... its suffice to say that YOUNG WIDOWS are essentially OLD KIN at this point. It is with great honor and excitement that we present this fantastic snapshot of these lifers in action.

500 copies of this were pressed on 180 GRAM black vinyl, with skull artwork by SKELETON ROYAL (Dan Davis/BAD SECRETS). A preview track from this live album can be found here and you can pick up the LP now in the Robotic Empire - Online Store.

At the opposite end of the format spectrum is the 8xCD set from FLOOR, compiling all of the same music from the massive Below & Beyond deluxe box set... creating a more affordable, stripped-down CD-only version (due to overwhelming demand). We made 700 copies of this 8xCD version, most of them available from stores/bigger sites/distros/etc, as well as from the band themselves at their upcoming reunion shows (starting next week)! We actually only got 50 copies for our Online Store, which are now available here. Copies of the deluxe 10xLP, 1x7", 8xCD Box Set version still remain as well.

On that note: the deluxe vinyl set is finally DONE and now in house! We've currently shipped out about half of the pre-orders so far and are busting ass to get the rest out ASAP. This has been a lot more labor intensive than we anticipated, and we've chosen to really secure the holy hell out of each box set as opposed to just rushing it. Some extra helping hands have been brought in to expedite things, so everyone who's pre-ordered the FLOOR box set should be receiving their copy soon! Anyone who's still interested in this beast and hasn't picked it up yet: now is the time.

Last and possibly least, some additional spring cleaning/moving sale action is under way with a weird string of posters, prints, proofs and other random rarities all up now on ebay. A bunch of John Dyer Baizley (BARONESS) rarities are in there, along with an original TORCHE Meanderthal test print, some Daniel Danger rarities and a bunch of other stuff. These auctions are running for 7 days and everything starts at 99 cents with no reserve: check it out.

Oh yeah, we also got a pile of cool stuff for the Robotic Empire - Online Store too. Mostly new jammers & restocks from staples Magic Bullet and Denovali, but also threw online a handful of old Robotic Archive items found during recent cleanup. Just 1 copy of most of those old Robo items, so if you don't see them available on the site they already sold out.

* Balboa / Plague Sermon - Split - BROWN COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
* Floor - Below & Beyond 8xCD Set (Robotic Empire) $39.99
* Forensics - Sonic Victimization Unit "Deathscream" Signed/Numbered CD (Magic Bullet) $6.99
* Forensics - You Don't Have To Win, But You Have To Fight - RED COLORED VINYL 10" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
* Golden City - Self-Titled - BLUE COLORED VINYL 10" (Magic Bullet) $7.99
* Isis - Oceanic Remix Vol. I - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" (Robotic Empire) $19.99
* Isis - Oceanic Remix Vol. II - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" (Robotic Empire) $19.99
* Isis - Oceanic Remix Vol. IV - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" (Robotic Empire) $19.99
* Isis - Panopticon - 1ST PRESS BLACK VINYL 2x12" (Robotic Empire) $24.99
* Jesuscentric - Self-Titled - 1-SIDED RED COLORED VINYL 12" (Tor Johnson) $9.99
* Jesuscentric - Self-Titled - 1-SIDED BLACK VINYL 12" (Tor Johnson) $9.99
* Kaospilot - Shadows - GREEN COLORED VINYL 12"+CD (Magic Bullet) $9.99
* Kodiak / Nadja - Split 12" (Denovali) $14.99
* Majority Rule - Emergency Numbers - BERRY COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
* Majority Rule - Emergency Numbers - BLUE COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
* Majority Rule - Interviews With David Frost - BLUE COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
* Majority Rule - Interviews With David Frost - GREEN COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
* Nekrasov - Cognition of Splendid Oblivion CD (Seige Of Power) $10.99
* Pageninetynine - Document #8 - BLUE RED COLORED VINYL 12" (Robotic Empire) $15.99
* Pageninetynine - Document #8 - GREY WITH BLACK SPLATTER COLORED VINYL 12" (Robotic Empire) $15.99
* Switchblade - Self-Titled 2009 2x12" (Denovali) $19.99
* Titan - Colossus 12" (React With Protest) $13.99
* Windmills By The Ocean - Self-Titled - ASPHALT COLORED VINYL 12" (Robotic Empire) $14.99
* Windmills By The Ocean - Self-Titled - WINDMILLS COLORED VINYL 12" (Robotic Empire) $14.99
* Young Widows - Live Radio Performance April 6, 2009 - 180 GRAM 12" (Robotic Empire) $12.99

* Doomriders - Black Thunder - AMBER COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $14.99
* Doomriders - Black Thunder - DEEP GREEN COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $14.99
* Love Like Electrocution - Self-Titled - 1-SIDED 12" (Slave Union) $7.99
* Majority Rule - Emergency Numbers CD (Magic Bullet) $7.99
* Majority Rule - Interviews With David Frost CD (Magic Bullet) $7.99
* Pageninetynine / Majority Rule - Split CD (Magic Bullet) $7.99
* Saddest Landscape, The - Discography 2xCD (Slave Union) $10.99
* Saddest Landscape, The - Lift Your Burdens High CD (Alone) $9.99
* Sparrows Swarm And Sing - O'Shenandoah, Mighty Death Will Find Me CD (Magic Bullet) $9.99
* This Will Destroy You - Self-Titled - COLORED VINYL 2x12" (Magic Bullet) $16.99
* This Will Destroy You - Self-Titled CD (Magic Bullet) $9.99
* This Will Destroy You - Young Mountain - COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $10.99
* This Will Destroy You - Young Mountain CD (Magic Bullet) $9.99
* This Will Destroy You & Lymbyc Systym - Field Studies - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99

* ADAM JURESKO STOP IT!! Robotic Poster Framed Art LOT
* BARONESS Blue Record John Dyer Baizley Burlesque print
* BLACK TUSK Fallen Kingdom demo CD John Baizley Baroness
* DANIEL DANGER Ghostship Sink or Swim Print Horkey Stout
* DANIEL DANGER Melt Banana uncut poster Horkey Stout
* DANIEL DANGER My Tigerlily Rests... 2 Print Set Horkey
* DAUGHTERS SERIPOP Aids Wolf Hydra Head 2 Poster Lot
* GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR Lift Your framed Poster Isis
* ISIS PELICAN GREGOR SAMSA Letterpress poster numbered
* JOHN DYER BAIZLEY Mushrooms Print Baroness Torche /100
* JOHN DYER BAIZLEY Passage Print Black Tusk Baroness /50
* JOHN D BAIZLEY Phantom Print Baroness Pig Destroyer /50
* KARP Melvins Big Business High On Fire 2 Poster Lot
* MUNICIPAL WASTE Rare Skateboard Cannabis Corpse NEW
* OM - Tour Poster variant David V. D'Andrea Sleep Horkey
* RED SPAROWES Rare Poster Neurot Neurosis Isis Grails OM
* SPACE KNIGHTS Demo Tape MEM OF BARONESS municipal waste
* TORCHE Meanderthal Printer Proofs Poster Hydra Head LOT
* VITAMIN X John Dyer Baizley Print Tank Crimes Baroness

Phew! Thanks for wading through all that, and be sure to hit up the Robotic Empire - Online Store for all the above (non-ebay) stuff and WAY more. Peace!

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