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PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:30 pm 

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The following list are the last records we received for the distro, all articles are available on our grind-shop: www.bonesbrigaderecords.com
You can contact us to: bonesbrign@hotmail.fr for any questions, reservations, post cost…
Paypal accepted.


AGATHOCLES “Reds at the mountains…” Live at the M.O.D Fest. (Bel) 10€ $12
AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED “Agorapocalypse” Amazing New Album! (US) 10€ $12
AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED “Bestial machinery” 136 Trax ! (US) 12€ $15
AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED “Altered States of” 100 Trax + Bonus CD (US) 10€ $12
ANAL CUNT “Morbid Florist” 14 Tracks + Bonus, Ultimate Grind Noise! (US) 10€ $12
APARTMENT 213 “Cleveland Power Violence” Everything is in the Title (US) 10€ $12
BLLLEEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH! Back in Stock! 166 Bands! 217 Songs! 10€ $12
BRUCE X CAMPBELL “We are all Kamikaze” Gory Grindcore, A Must! (US) 10€ $12
BRUTAL TRUTH “Evolution in One Take” Live Recordings at Studio, No mix! (US)
BRUTAL TRUTH “Sounds of animal kingdom” + kill Trend Suicide Trx!! (US) 10€ $12
BUZZOV-EN “Violence from the Vault” Dirty Raw slow southern Metal! (US) 10€ $12
CEREBRAL EFFUSION “Impulsive Psychopatic Acts” Ultra Brutal death. (Spa) 10€ $12
DYSMENORRHEIC HEMORRHAGE «2001-2003» Gore Grind!! 79 Trax! (US) 10€ $12
DYING FETUS “Descend into Depravity” New Album. Brutal death. (US) 10€ $12
EXIT 13 “High Life!” Complete Discography! Stoned Awesome Grindcore! (US) 10€ $12
FACEDOWNINSHIT “Nothing Positive Only Negative”dirty Heavy Sludge (US) 10€ $12
FLESH PARADE “Kill Whitey” Intense raging Grindcore, a Must! (US) 10€ $12
FUNERAL RAPE “Porn Afterlife” Death Grind, New Album. (US) 10€ $12
GENGHIS TRON “Board up the house” Atari-Electro Powerful Grind!! (US) 10€ $12
HYMEN HOLOCAUST “Hot Love” New Album, Powerful Death Grind!! (Nl) 10€ $12
INHUME “Moulding the Deformed” New Album, Gory Death Grind!! (Nl) 10€ $12
LIVIDITY “To Desecrate and Defile” New Album, Sick Brutal Death (US) 10€ $12
MASS GRAVE “5 Years of Grinding Crust Core” 35 Trax Discography! (Can) 10€ $12
MISERY INDEX “Traitors” Grinding Brutal Death! Last Effort! (US) 10€ $12
NASUM “Grind Finale” Double CD Discography, From demos to 7” etc…(Swe) 12€ $15
PATHOLOGY “Incisions of …” New Album, Pure Brutal Death Butchery! (US) 10€ $12
P.L.F “Crushing Fury of Bastardization” Intense raging Gindcore (US) 10€ $12
PHOBIA “Return to Desolation” Classic Repress Grindcore! + Bonus (US) 10€ $12
REGURGITATE “Sickening Bliss” Back in Stock! A Must of Gore! (Swe) 10€ $12
THE DECAPITATED MIDGETS “30 ways to Die” Gore Grind, Rgte vein! (Fin) 10€ $12
TRIBUTE TO NASUM Back!! 53 Bands, Misery Index, TFD, Blockheads etc… 10€ $12
WADGE “Double Take Hawai’ian Style” Total Grindcore Fury! (US) 10€ $12
WEEKEND NACHOS “Punish & Destroy + Torture” Fastcore 1st Album (US) 10€ $12
ZOMBIE DEATH STENCH “The Redeadening” Horror Death, New! (US) 10€ $12

EP Split 7 inch

AGATHOCLES / TINNER Mince core / Crust Grind (Bel/Fin) 4€ $5,5
LENG TCH’E / FUCK THE FACTS Split 7” Back in Stock! (Bel/Can) 4€ $5,5
LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER / OVERPOWERING Mega-Grind! (100% Spa) 4€ $5,5
LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER “La Caceria” New songs + cover! (Spa) 4€ $5,5
NASHGUL / WORLD DOWNFALL Raging Old School Grindcore! (Spa/Jp) 4€ $5,5
REGURGITATE / SKULLHOG Split 7” Gore Grind / Gore Death (Swe/Nl) 4€ $5,5
UNHOLY GRAVE / KADAVERFICKER Split 7” Total Unholy Grind!! (Jap/Ger) 4€ $5,5


DEVOURMENT “Unleash the Carnivore” Slammin’ Brutal Death Masters! (US) 10€ $12
LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY “Human Atrocity” Demos Repress! Gore!! (Nl) 10€ $12


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