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PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:51 am 

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............EATSHITBUYDIE Distro

yes finally we have paypall
so order your stuff now or send all your money too

Distro stuff for sale or trade

Vinyl 12" (6 euro)

Il Fulgurante "ragazzze al dente" (fr) (1x)
dirty sounding great grooving speed italo garage punk/hxc, released on Murder records, check it out www.myspace.com/ilfulgurante Dont wait only one copie with me

Goreafterbrith/ LSD cult/ Snuff Peddler/ Cripple Slaughter/ Amputee 5 way split (us) (1x)
Gruesome 5 way with some gore, some noise, some grind and other sick stuff. Corruptproductions from US Sick sick sickest stuff get your gore today

Cancer Spreading/ Diskóntroll (1x)
D/beat hxc splitt with the Dis whoreshipping stuff, both bands play 7 songs of there fine mix of d/beat hxc and some thrashmetal, both bands play cover CS plays Doom and Dis plays Armageddon

Vinyl 10" (5 euro)

California Cult Crap/Grind!Nation (ger/ger) (1x)
amazing split from german spazzy style hxc/pv from CCC versus fast grindcore from grind!nation. With foldout sleeve.

Vinyl 7" (2,5 euro)

Agathocles/Insomnia Isterica (bel/sui) (4x)
belgian mince masters verus suisse grindgore core band Insomnia Isterica, gerat great split release from a bunch of labels including ESBD. Get it while its there

Terrorazor/Slapendehonden (ger/hol) (15x)
german primitive oldschool grindcore from Terrorazor verus 8 songs of hxc punk grind from dutch band slapendehonden including a cover from 80s punk band BGK. First orders get orange vinyl, ask for wholesale

Too Short Too Handle compilation 7" (worldwide) (12x)
worldwide compilation with 16 bands play all 2 or more songs with total time no more then 1 minute, so 7" 33 rpm with more then 40 songs by bands: Teawith Satan, P.O.S., El Mariachi, Cum Sock, Slapendehonden, Henry Fonda, Gorgonized Dorks and many more
Old School compilation with a whole lot of grind, blastbeats, screaming, grunting, noise and much more
5 colours vinyl
ask for wholesale

Disgusted "rotting with the flesh (vie) (1x)
vietnamese grind death metal

Suckinim Baenaim/Achzavoth (isr/isr) (1x)
Two crazy Israeli bands is the only way to describe this record. Suckinim Baenaim play insane, fast experimental punk. The only why to describe it is by saying it's similar to Rolo Tomassi, HORSE the band, Holy Molar etc - but they sound nothing like those bands. Achzavoth on the other hand... I've heard nothing like them before - fast, heavy, satan loving, fun.

War Hero/Ummm (can/can) (1x)
Western Canadian allegiance of violence! Ummm (Calgary, AB) barges through 18 tracks of blurry, spastic lo-fi grind violence, while War Hero (Squamish, BC) counter with 7 tracks of speedy thrashcore.

Diet Pills (uk) (1x)
Melvins meets Flipper meets Neurosis and FUCKING HEAVY

Proletar/Diorrhea (ind/ita) (2x)
grind core split oldschool stuff fast with lots of blasts and really great

Archagatus/Death Toll 80K (can/fin) (1x)
mince core whoreshippers versus grindcore

Freaknation/the mad thrashers (bra/fra) (1x)
grindcore too the max versus grind fast core metal from france

..pro cd/r (2,50 euro)

Daily Life Sucks "the last 6 minutes of your life" (hun) (3x)
11 songs of fucking fast grindcore, only six minutes of blast beats and cool songs

Southwest Hardcore volume one (uk) (1x)
hardcore compilation with some cool bands from southwest UK like Crocus, Rat Attack, Kasa and Kerouac

..CD (5 euro)

3 way cd: Disembowelment of humanity (us/bra/us) (1x)
The Wake of Suffering/Abuso Verbal/Urophagia
Three bands, 21 songs, One devastating release and featuring the horrifying artwork of Jaleh Afshar! Over 50 minutes of pure grinding chaos, you must be fore-warned that this is as crushing as it gets! Your lustful appetite for gruesome tales of butchery, chainsaw distorted axe-work and disgorging throaty vocals will be gratuitously satisfied by these 3 badass Grind/Death/Gore bands. Purely underground. A devastating collection!"

3 way split Humanity Brutality
Discrusher/Hellexist/Black Wing of Vengeance (mal) (1x)
Discrusher plays some old school grindcore like old Napalm Death, Hellexist mixes some dbeat with sludge stoner stuff, cruel and brutal stuff, BWOV plays grind with a guitar sounding like old entombed stuff, so a cool 3 way from the far east

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